Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! My name is Kelly Darke. I am a writer, teacher, mother, lover of mathematics, and author of the Math Book Magic blog.

Over the past 16 years, I have taught math (a bit in high school, some college calculus courses, but mainly college courses for prospective and practicing K-12 teachers). In addition to teaching, I was a writer and researcher for three popular math curriculum textbook series (Connected Math, Everyday Math, and Math Trailblazers). Here is my CV if it interests.

I began writing picture books with mathematical themes when my youngest son was born. With writing math picture books, comes reading math picture books (YAY!) and studying what makes the great ones great. Thus, the Math Book Magic blog was born.

In writing this blog, my purpose is twofold:

(1) Search for and read magical math books with my children  [Liam (7 1/2), Siena (5) and Landon (1)], their friends, classmates, my friend’s kids, and neighborhood kids; and

(2) Share the magic we find with teachers, parents, and the mathematically curious while providing a platform for them to share back their math book magic experiences.

I hope you will join us on this journey. The more math-book-magic seekers the better! #mathbookmagic

Amazon Affiliate Links: If enough people click on an Amazon link off this site and purchase  books, there is a chance Amazon will send the site some money.  If this ever happens (it has not as of yet in the 2 years of the blog), any money collected from this will go directly to the purchase magical math books for children and classrooms. Thank you!


    • Thanks Dee. It took about 4 years or so from that time we took Esther’s picture book class to finally find a path into the right math story for me to write. What a special and magical class that was!!!Miss you and your support means the world to me! That reminds me, I still have that “Creating a world” template you gave me for my fairy stories:)


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