Hello! Welcome! My name is Kelly Darke, the Fairy Math Mother.   I’m a writer, educator, mother, and lover of mathematics. Here is my CV if it interests.

I started this website because I enjoy searching for and sharing math resources that tap into the magic and wonder of mathematics. On this website, I share picture books, puzzles, games, problems, projects, and activities for exploring math with children in playful and joyful ways. I hope this website will be a platform for others to share the magical resources they’ve found as well. The more math-book-magic seekers the better! 

Thanks for visiting my site. Please go my my contact form whenever you have a question/comment. Touch #mathplaymagic #mathbookmagic #mathartmagic #mathproblemmagic, pass it on.

Websites: www.fairymathmother.com (formerly http://www.mathbookmagic.com)

Twitter: @fairymathmother and @kellydarkemath