Hello! Welcome! My name is Kelly Darke, the Fairy Math Mother.  I created this site to provide support for parents and teachers. Whether you are a parent trying to help with homework or math facts, searching for enrichment opportunities, or want to be more mathematically literate to enrich conversations at home or a teacher wondering about your curriculum or how to best support student learning, I would like to help.

I believe mathematics is both a useful and worthwhile endeavor. As a mathematics educator, I work to support children, teachers and, now parents, in developing a productive disposition towards mathematics. A productive disposition refers to the tendency to see sense in mathematics, to perceive it as both useful and worthwhile, to believe that steady effort in learning mathematics pays off, and to see oneself as an effective learner and doer of mathematics. [NRC, 2001] The advice I give has this aim in mind.

I hope that through my website and videos I can offer parents and teachers a peek behind the curtain of mathematics by providing clear, reflective, and research based insights into mathematical ideas, methods, representations and problems situations.  Hopefully my answers to your questions will provide you with a bit of knowledge, some clarity, and confidence as you support children on their mathematical journeys.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please go my my contact form whenever you have a question.

Here is my CV if it interests. 

Websites: www.mathbookmagic.com  and www.fairymathmother.com

Twitter: @fairymathmother and @kellydarkemath

Email: kellydarke@fairymathmother.com

Youtube channel: Fairy math mother

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