Welcome! I’m SO looking forward to your questions. While I am happy to offer my advice to you, remember that your classroom teacher (if you child is attending school) is your greatest ally in your child’s mathematical learning. They are your best bet for answering questions, especially specific questions. They have their own expectations and goals for your child’s mathematical learning.  Be sure to consult them as well with your questions.

You can visit my About page to learn a bit about my philosophy behind learning and teach mathematics and link to my CV.

Now let’s get to those questions. Here is some information about how to submit your questions.

Important Things I Need for a Question

  1. Include the Grade level
  2. Try to state your question as clearly as possible. If you need to include a photo of an image for me to make sense of it, please do.
  3. Please no negativity about a particular curriculum or teacher in your post/question.
  4. All submitted questions become the property of

Four ways to submit a question

  1. Email: This way is preferred if you have a photo you need to attach along with your question. Please include the grade level.
  2. Twitter: Tweet me at @fairymathmother and I will try to answer you question or point you a resource that would be helpful.
  3. Facebook: Search @fairymathmother in Facebook and Like/Follow my page. You can post questions on my wall.
  4. Website form: See below. However, you can’t upload an image using this method.

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Thank you for your questions! I will answer them as fast as I can . However, I am only one fairy/person, so please be patient.