Below is a list of resources curated by Kelly Darke (the Fairy Math Mother)  to help you help your child in mathematics. These resources include articles, problems, blog posts, lessons, and apps from mathematics educators that inspire me.  This list will grow as the website grows however I will try to keep it as streamlined as I can so it’s not information overload. 

BOOKS (This is my other website. I write about magical math picture books that inspire wonder and joy.)

Mathical Book list : The Mathical Book Prize aims to inspire a love of mathematics in the everyday world in children of all ages.  These titles are as varied as the intersection between literature and mathematics — that is to say, they encompass picture books, novels, poetry collections, puzzle books, biographies, and more! [See website for more: is an amazing resource with lists of math books by topic, lesson ideas,  research articles and more!  If you are a looking for Bunch of math picture books on a particular topic, this is the place to go! Follow them on twitter @MathsStories

Common Core Math for Parents for Dummies  In this book, Danielson’s clear, concise, compassionate and astute explanations provide the reader with a solid foundation to stand on as they navigate their children’s math path in school.  He shows how to leverage the perfect partner on this journey, your children. He shares questions to ask and ideas and problem to explore. 

I will add more Resources (e.g., Games, Learning Tools, Websites) Coming in the next few weeks

If you have a resource must-have for parents, please send it to me via the form below.

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