Occasionally I am inspired to create a printable after reading a particular book. Here are links to these printable that parents and teachers can use with their children/students.

Amazing Visual Math

Fraction strips: Note these do not have any markings/labelings because I wanted the folding of the strips to be part of the learning process. How might you fold the halves strips to make halves of the whole strip? What part(s) of the strip represents 1/2 and why? How many folds do you need to make the eighths strip? You can google “fraction strips” and find printables with labeled sections if that is something you are looking for. There are a lot of examples.

Telling Time with Big Mama Cat

  1. Clock Cards Sort and/or Matching (word version )
  2. Clock Cards Sort and/or Matching ( pdf version)

[Also, I’m happy to add in a few printables with times included however my knowledge of computer graphics programs that will easily let me do this is limited, shoot me an email at if you have ideas and I’ll add a few more clock cards with times added in.]